Our Story Begins With Love…

I’m so happy you discovered Root Science, my labor of love, my desire for something authentic and pure in an industry, where too often, profits take precedence over people’s health.

The journey of how Root Science came to exist is deeply personal. This story is my truth, which as you can imagine, is not so easy to put on display. But to glamorize and cover up the pain and losses, to only share the joys and wins, would defeat the very reason we came to exist as a company.

I was born in Iceland, the stark and beautiful land of fire and ice. At the tender age of 8, my mother moved our family to the United Sates with hopes of opportunity and prosperity – beyond what a small Nordic Island in the far North Atlantic could offer. However, our American dream was abruptly interrupted after only four short years.

My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and was given 6 months to live. As anyone who knew her would expect, her viking spirit persevered and she fought hard to give our family two more memorable years with her. She lost her battle 11 days before my 15th birthday. As the eldest of three siblings, I became the caretaker and protector. My mother’s passing was a major wake-up call for my family. We began asking questions like why and how? Which led to tossing out toxic cleaning supplies, processed foods and inspired us to lead a healthier lifestyle. This became the catalyst for my interest in health and wellness.

The Root Science Story

As the years went on and I continued my quest for a healthy, toxic-free lifestyle, I came to discover that there were hidden toxins in beauty products. I had spent years educating myself on the importance of internal health, making sure everything I was putting in my body was healthy. But I had failed to screen the products I was putting on my skin.

I had struggled with bouts of acne and sensitive skin throughout my life. My skin issues, as frustrating as they were, paled in comparison to those of my younger sister. From a very young age my sister developed a number of skin disorders. She struggled with acne, rosacea, extreme sensitivity; coupled with dry, oily and itchy skin. She had to restrain herself from picking and scratching, placing cold packs on her face for relief.  Her highly reactive and painful skin conditions made it impossible to wear makeup and even harder to face the world.

Countless attempts with conventional acne treatments and prescription drugs resulted in the same adverse reactions; itchy, dry, red and inflamed skin. Trying to understand what was causing the reactions, I began reading ingredient labels and researching ingredients. This was when I discovered that many of these ingredients were toxic and doing more harm than good. Even formulas that claimed to be clean, had ingredient labels that read otherwise.

Feeling disappointed and mislead, I began searching for natural solutions to her skin issues. It was the early 2000’s and there were very few options when it came to natural skincare. I quickly learned that the natural formulas available at the time were not formulated to care for more advanced skin concerns, and even though they claimed lavender and rose would heal every skin condition; they did not improve my sister’s skin.

To make matters worse, my sister’s skin would scar, so even during short-lived periods of calm, the scars left on her face were visible – scars that I know were felt much deeper than their outward appearance.

Left with no options, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. This was when I made it my mission to find the most powerful ingredients in nature; ingredients that would deliver powerful results. I initially learned that many natural ingredients were unfit for facial care. I experienced first-hand that many of these ingredients were dermal irritants. However, I also discovered that there were natural ingredients that outshined others when it came to addressing skin concerns, due to their unique properties. These ingredients had the ability to visibly transform, nurture and protect – without compromise.

After years of research and experimenting with formulas, my sister was finally happy with her skin. She no longer struggled with skin reactions, her blemishes and redness subsided, and her scars began to fade. Her skin was finally calm, healthy and balanced. The transformation was so incredible that friends, family and co-workers began reaching out with requests for my formulas. As word of mouth continued to spread my passion was transforming into a business all on its own.

The journey of turning my passion into what is now known as Root Science, led me back to my birthplace Iceland. This stark and beautiful land of fire and ice serves as a vital source of inspiration to the brand. The land is raw, pure and powerful; the three pillars for each of our proprietary formulas. Our packaging is adorned with abstract interpretations of the iconic landscape that Iceland is globally renown for. Glaciers, lava, mountains and black sand beaches represent the powerful ingredients contained within each bottle. Root Science is my way of paying homage to my mother, my family, and a land that I cherish deeply.

“This is so much more than a business to me. Root Science is part of a greater movement to empower people, challenge the status quo, raise the bar, reconnect with nature, and live consciously.”

Root Science Founder

My Promise To You

Today, with more than a decade since our humble beginning, Root Science exists to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. My team and I are dedicated to researching and uncovering nature’s most powerful skincare ingredients all while upholding a promise to you – to create products that care for your skin with the very best nature has to offer, without compromise.

Allowing our products to care for your skin is a privilege and we are truly honored to share this journey with you.

With Gratitude,

Gigja Wesneski Founder of Root Science
Gígja Valdísardottir
Founder, Root Science