Root Science

The New Standard in Skincare

Root Science

The New Standard in Skincare


Organic, Nutrient-Dense, Superfood Ingredients.

Real Ingredients = Real Results


Root Science is an ingredient focused skin care company. It’s our passion! We curate each ingredient based on purity, quality and most importantly, benefits to the skin. We use organic oils, many of which are cold-pressed to preserve their inherent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and unrefined properties. This also helps eliminate the potential toxicity and degradation that occurs during processing under extreme temperatures. Our ingredients are safe for your skin, easily absorbed, and many are even food grade.  We’ve come to find out that companies now-a-days love to throw the word “organic” around, but here at Root Science we take it to heart. Ingredients that start as a root are 100% organic.  All of our formulas contain ingredients that are rich in nutrients and skin therapeutic properties. We like to consider our products as topical superfoods for your skin!


Small Handcrafted Batches for Optimal Freshness.

Uncompromised Quality = Real Results


Most skin care lines outsource to third party manufacturers to mass produce their products. We are not like most skin care lines. We make our products in-house, which allows us to control the quality of ingredients, where and who we source our ingredients from, as well as formulate our products in micro batches for the highest quality control possible. This also ensures maximum concentration and potency of each formula, never resorting to cheap fillers and harsh preservatives commonly found in mass produced products. This is a labor of love by real people who are passionate about skin care. You may be wondering, why go through such great lengths just for skin? Simply put, it’s in the best interest of your health and skin. Products can sit on retail shelves for months, and in some cases years. What’s even more frightening are the ingredients within the products that allow for such a lengthy shelf life. By crafting small batches, Root Science is able to provide highly effective organic skin care with ingredients in their freshest, most potent state, minus all the unnatural, harmful preservatives. We package our products in highly protective violet glass which extends shelf life naturally and has been noted to enhance the potency of its contents. Would you rather eat an apple that was just freshly picked off a tree, or one that has been sitting in a grocery store for weeks? We believe your skin should be given the same option.


No Fillers or Health Compromising Ingredients. Only Ingredients with Purpose.

True Potency = Real Results


We use ingredients that transform, nurture and protect, without compromising your health. We do not use ingredients that are harmful to your skin, health or planet, such as petrochemicals, sulfates, detergents, harsh preservatives, or artificial colors/fragrances. Inactive fillers should never be an option in skin care. We believe that each ingredient that goes into our bottles should serve a purpose – a purpose that benefits your skin.


Products that Deeply Penetrate the Skin.

Natural Absorption = Real Results


Because we use ingredients from the earth, our skin care treatments penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and strengthen the underlying tissue. Not only will Root Science products nourish your body’s largest organ (your skin), but also support optimal skin function and health.


Preservation of Youth.

Today’s Actions = Tomorrow’s Results


Let’s be honest, many of us purchase skin care products to help combat the natural signs of aging. This simple fact is a driving force in the way we, at Root Science, select our ingredients and craft our formulas. Many of our ingredients contain youth preserving properties in Earth’s most natural forms, along with high concentrations of antioxidants to promote beauty and longevity. Whether it be skin repair or youth preservation, our formulas have got you covered.


Skin Care for Different Skin Types.

Individual Needs = Personalized Results


Our products were created to cater to your skin’s continuous cycles throughout life. The skin care products you use in the summer months may not necessarily meet your skin’s needs in the winter. This is why it’s important to alter your skin care regimen for the best results. This holds true for changes in environment, lifestyle, health, aging and any other factors that may cause a change in your skin type – so no matter what your skin’s current state, at Root Science you will find a product that fits your need. We don’t make products based on “flavors or scents”, we make products based on skin types!