The RS

The New Standard in Skincare

The RS

The New Standard in Skincare

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to care for your skin with the very best from science and nature. This may sound like something you’ve heard before, but in an industry known for empty promises and greenwashing, we’re here to do better.


Healthy Ingredients for Healthy Skin

For far too long the skin care industry has profited from serving us unhealthy ingredients and empty promises. We believe you deserve better. As an ingredient focused skin care company, our passion lies in sourcing the very best from science and nature. That means sourcing organic, cold-extracted oils, potent plants and science-backed actives. We refrain from using highly refined natural ingredients that have color and scent removed. Using ingredients in their most natural state preserves the nutrients and skin-loving properties of each ingredient, ensuring that the final product is rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We like to consider our products as topical superfoods for your skin, so to speak. This is why our formulas are naturally colorful and fragrant — never clear or odorless — what you see and smell is nature in its purest form, ready to care for your skin to the fullest.


Quality Determines Results

When it comes to natural skincare, quality determines results. That’s why we specialize in sourcing organic ingredients from conscious growers and distilleries in Europe and beyond. We select each of our ingredients based on quality, purity and performance. We’ve spent over a decade curating the finest botanical oils, mineral clays, hydrosols and whole plants. Sourcing ingredients that are best in class and of the finest quality ensures your skin is receiving all the skin transformative nutrients and protective antioxidants necessary to deliver visible results.


Small Batch Formulas for Optimal Freshness

The skincare industry norm involves stockpiling mass produced products loaded with cheap fillers and harsh preservatives that allow for a three year shelf life. We believe you deserve fresh skincare. Our small batch formulations are made in-house by the Root Science team. This allows us to not only handpick who and where we source ingredients from, but create fresh batches as needed. We believe in creating thoughtfully made products and value our customers more than cutting corners and costs. We’re passionate about small batch skincare as it allows for higher quality standards, while delivering products at peak freshness and efficacy. Each step of our unique process is a labor of love by people who care about you and the planet.


Skin First Formulas

In a cluttered industry that favors scents, colors and trends over the health of your skin, you deserve better. We specialize in creating concentrated formulas that address real skin needs and rely on the science behind each ingredient to create effective products that support your best skin. However, not all natural ingredients are fit for skin care. Which is why each curated ingredient that goes into our bottles is strictly selected for its skin benefits, scientific backings and skin compatibility. You will never find ingredients without direct skin benefits in our formulas, such as cheap fillers, colorants/fragrance and questionable synthetics. We create pure and potent skincare formulas that deliver results you can see — and feel good about.


Environmentally Conscious

We care about the impact we have on mother nature, after all, we do get our ingredients (and food) from her – so if she’s not healthy, neither are we. We are committed to implementing sustainable practices into every aspect of our business, something that is an ongoing process. To date, we exclusively use recyclable glass bottles instead of plastic for all of our products, including samples and travel size. We use sustainably forested paper boxes to house our bottles. Our shipping boxes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard and we use biodegradable shipping peanuts when sending large orders. We opt for digital receipts instead of paper. These are just a few of the ways we are trying to do better by mother nature. We are committed to implementing practices, at every opportunity, that help us to minimize our impact on this beautiful planet we call home.

Treat Your Skin To The Very Best From Science And Nature.