Our Manifesto


We value ingredients that come from the earth not a test tube.

Mother nature has a pretty long track record, why mess with that?


We believe in the science behind the healing power of plants.

After all, we do call ourselves Root Science!


With powerful real ingredients, come powerful real results.

Natural, organic, and wild harvested, are not just words we throw around lightly.


Potent ingredients with purpose excite us, fillers not so much.

We love drinking water, but there is no place for it in our skin care.


Yes, we have a little obsession with skin care.

And believe the skin is the window to our inner beauty and soul.


We aim to detoxify one face at a time from environmental toxins.

And start by never allowing artificial ingredients or synthetic preservatives in our bottles.


Fuzzy friends are for cuddling with, not testing on.

Only we claim the role as guinea pigs, along with willing friends and family.


We care and respect the outside of our bodies as much as we do the inside.

Truthfully speaking, the skin is our body’s largest organ.


Simple skin care regimens are much easier and less confusing to us.

Not to mention our skin.


We welcome and embrace individuality, and so does our skin.

Save the flavors and scents for dessert, catering to skin types is our signature dish.


Our skin protects our bodies.

And in return we protect our skin.