Healthy Skincare,
For Your Best Skin.

Organic. High Performance.
Skin Nourishment.

Skincare For
The Modern Purist

Organic. High Performance.
Skin Nourishment.

Purity Meets Performance

Meet Root Science, a luxurious collection of high-performance skincare formulated to support naturally radiant skin and a healthy glow. Our products are powered by the world’s most nutrient-rich botanical oils, detoxifying mineral clays, and therapeutic plants. When your skin craves a moment of purity, and relief from synthetic chemicals and environmental toxins, Root Science offers you a moment of pure plant therapy.

Rooted in Results

Our journey began 10 years ago, when founder Gigja Wesneski started formulating natural products to help her younger sister’s sensitive skin. Root Science exist because the formulas delivered exceptional results then, and continue to do so today. Our formulas are designed to support healthy skin function using organic ingredients chosen for their benefits, scientific backings and skin compatibility. We don’t believe in formulating for scent, color or fads. We formulate for results.

Iceland Inspired, Artisan Made.

“Drawing inspiration from my home country of Iceland, where medicinal plants have been used for centuries. The land is raw, pure and powerful – the foundation for all my formulas.”

Gígja Hlín, Founder, Root Science

Purveyors of Quality

Experience the power of truly exceptional botanicals, sourced from the most prestigious growers and farmers in Europe and beyond. We spent the last decade sourcing the finest botanical oils, mineral clays, and antioxidant-rich plants from distilleries, farmers and purveyors of natural ingredients. We curate our ingredients based on quality, purity and performance. Sourcing ingredients that are best in class and of the finest quality ensures your skin is receiving all the skin transformative nutrients and protective antioxidants critical for delivering unparalleled results.

Skincare Redefined

Root Science is breaking the mass produced, 3rd party manufactured, skincare mold. Our products are expertly made in-house by our small team of artisans. We believe in thoughtfully made products by people who truly care. We believe in small batch skincare as it allows us to ensure the highest quality standards, while delivering products at peak freshness and efficacy. Each step of the process is a labor of love by real people. We hope your skin feels the love, too!

Your Clean Beauty Experience Begins Here

Your Clean Beauty Experience Begins Here