Organic Skincare
for The Modern Purist

High Performance. Glow Activating.
Skin Nourishment.

It Starts With A Choice

Healthy skin starts with a conscious choice. Your commitment to health when choosing what to put in your body, you also make by choosing what to put on your body. Pure, organic, plant based skin care is your commitment to healthy, radiant skin.

Redefining Skin Care

Root Science was born out of a need for natural, high performance skincare formulations. Not all natural ingredients are fit for skin care. We’re not glamorized by scent, cost or industry fads. We’re moved by skin that exudes health through the use of pure ingredients provided by the earth, and not a test tube.

Rot Science Iceland Inspired California Crafted

Iceland Inspired, California Crafted.

“Drawing inspiration from my home country of Iceland, where medicinal plants have been used for centuries. The land is raw, pure and powerful – the cornerstone for all my formulas.”

Gígja Hlín (Founder of Root Science)

How It Works

Uniting the healing powers of plants, purifying clays and transformative botanical oils, Root Science products work in synergy to ignite glowing skin. Skillfully crafted in micro batches, our products are bottled in energy enhancing violet glass containers for the ultimate in skin care freshness and potency. The result: a line of skin nourishing treats that address the needs of all skin types ranging from hypersensitive to mature.

Honest Organic

Only natural, organic and wild-harvested botanicals find a home in our bottles. 100% of each formula contains skin-nourishing ingredients – no water, cheap fillers, artificial fragrance or harmful preservatives, ever.

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