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Created for Real Skin Types, by Real People.

Our Skin Care

The Root Science experience begins with unique skin care formulations using only the most nutrient dense, skin loving ingredients. Skillfully crafted in micro batches in Northern California, our products are bottled in energy enhancing violet quartz glass containers for the ultimate in skin care freshness. The result is a regimen of simple, yet sophisticated products that cater to the personalized needs of your skin.

The New Standard In Organic Skin Care

We cater to your skin. Our products are formulated for real skin types, real skin issues, by real people who care. As we all have different skin needs, Root Science products are designed for personalized results – not flavors, scents, or color like many product lines out there (we’ll leave that to the pastry chefs).  This includes leaving out those photosensitizing ingredients often used in skin care to achieve “those scents”.

Ingredients From the Earth, Not a Test Tube.

We focus on ingredient potency and purpose. That means 100% of your formula contains beneficial ingredients.  No water, harmful fillers, or artificial preservatives, EVER. Each ingredient is carefully hand picked for its powerful benefits and ability to deeply nourish. The result is a naturally radiant complexion that will leave your skin glowing!

Iceland Inspired, California Crafted.

“Drawing inspiration from my home country of Iceland, where medicinal plants have been used throughout history to treat ailments, the land is pure, clean and minimalistic and that is reflected in our formulas.”

Gigja, Founder of Root Science


I began using the Routine Kit and within a week I saw results. My face became softer, brighter, and to my surprise no pimples! The hyper-pigmentation is slowly fading and I can’t wait to have my flawless skin back. Once a skeptic, now a believer.



    Anne,  RS Customer

Absolutely addicted to this product! It’s like gold in my house. I cannot go without it now. I not only use it on my face but I also started using it on the eczema on my hands. My manicurist even mentioned how much better the skin on my hands was. So happy to have heard about this product.


    Kris Ann,  RS Customer

Our Promise

We believe in transparency, honesty and caring for your skin. Treating customers like one big family is how we do business, and we promise to keep you and your skin at the heart of Root Science. We will continuously honor that promise by hand picking each ingredient for its skin benefits, and not for its scent, color or the bottom dollar. Side by side, we will grow together, listening to your skin needs each step of the way. You are the reason Root Science exists today and we will continue to flourish with your love.

- Derek & Gigja

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