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1% Bakuchiol Serum Natural Retinol Alternative

This powerful, yet gentle Bakuchiol serum contains 1% purified Bakuchiol and one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, Icelandic Astaxanthin. This natural retinol alternative visibly reduces the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles to promote smoother, youthful-looking skin. Each bottle is approx. 3 months of wrinkle smoothing goodness.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Visibly improves skin tone, texture and firmness

Delivers retinol-like results without the irritation


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Sourced From Nature

Natural & Organic

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Vegan &

Made Fresh in Small Batches

Made Fresh In
Small Batches

Skin First Formulas

Powered By
Science & Nature

No Artificial Fragrance, Color or Fillers

No Artificial Fragrance,
Color Or Fillers

Recyclable Glass Packaging

Recyclable Glass

Sourced From Nature

Natural & Organic

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Vegan &

Made Fresh in Small Batches

Made Fresh In
Small Batches

Skin First Formulas

Powered By
Science & Nature

No Artificial Fragrance, Color or Fillers

No Artificial Fragrance,
Color Or Fillers

Recyclable Glass Packaging

Recyclable Glass

What Is It

Botanic-A Bakuchiol Serum is a natural retinol alternative and antioxidant powerhouse strategically formulated to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the look of skin tone, elasticity and firmness. Gentle yet highly effective, Botanic-A features 1% purified Bakuchiol, a clinically evaluated retinol alternative. Bakuchiol has been shown to deliver retinol-like results, improving the appearance of multiple signs of aging, without the redness, irritation and photosensitivity associated with retinol. To amplify the benefits of Bakuchiol, we combined it with Icelandic Astaxanthin and Arctic Oat from Finland, two of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Biocompatible Squalane and French Raspberry extract replenish moisture and deliver skin smoothing omegas 3, 6 & 9, creating a potent treatment that targets visible signs of aging while promoting healthy-looking skin.

Why It’s Different

A 100% active and biocompatible, light-weight formula that combines science-backed botanical extracts with clinically proven vitamins. Does not contain retinol.

Formulated Without

Fragrance, Essential Oils, Silicones, Artificial/Natural Colorants, Fillers, Emulsifiers, Thickeners, Synthetic Preservatives.


1 fl oz / 30 ml / 3 Month Supply (Approx.)


Lightweight dry oil that absorbs quickly.

Key Ingredients

1% Purified Bakuchiol, Astaxanthin, Arctic Oat Extract, Vitamin E, Bisabolol

Skin Concerns

Signs of Aging, Fine Lines, Deep Wrinkles, Uneven Skin Tone, Blemishes

Skin Types

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

When To Use

AM or PM

How It Works

Astaxanthin Skin Benefits


One of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Protects against environmental stressors and improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Learn More Here

Bakuchiol Serum Skin Benefits


Studies using .5% Bakuchiol demonstrate a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots, along with visible improvements in skin tone and firmness.

Arctic Oat CO2 Extract Skin Benefits


Biocompatible and noncomedogenic, oat contains properties that help to visibly soothe and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier. A natural source of ceramides, Vitamin E and Omega-6 linoleic acid.

How To Use

Use morning and evening. Apply 1 pump to freshly cleansed skin, after water-based products and before creams and balms. Formula fully absorbs after a few minutes, revealing skin that’s silky soft to the touch. Provides all day moisture, eliminating the need for an additional moisturizer.


Apply to damp skin, preferably after applying our hydrating toner. Use any excess serum on neck and chest.

Retinol-like Results,
Without Irritation

Authentic Bakuchiol — not Babchi Extract — delivers retinol-like results, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, without irritation

Icelandic Astaxanthin has 6000x the antioxidant power of Vitamin C, for superior protection against damaging free-radicals

Arctic Oat extract reduces the look of redness and irritation

Bisabolol visibly soothes and helps to even the look of skin tone

Raising The Bar

We believe your skin deserves only the very best, so we ditched the cheap fillers, fragrance, colorants and marketing gimmicks.

Botanic-A Bakuchiol Serum

Botanic-A Bakuchiol Serum Is Raising The Bar

*Bottled in violet glass with pump for maximum protection against light degradation and oxidation.

Traditional Retinol Alternatives

Botanic-A Is Raising The Bar On Our Competitors

*Commonly housed in
clear and/or plastic bottles.

Our Mission:
Your Best Skin

We’re on a mission to care for your skin with the very best from science and nature. This may sound like something you’ve heard before, but in an industry known for empty promises and greenwashing, we’re here to do better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Botanic-A with Arctic-C?

Yes, both treatments can be used at the same time, either mixed or applied one after the other.

Can I use Botanic-A around the eyes?

Yes, however, we recommend our targeted eye treatment Bright which combines Bakuchiol, Vitamin C and powerful plant extracts to address the most common skin concerns around the delicate eye area.

Will Botanic-A make my skin sensitive to the sun?

No, none of the ingredients in our formula are photosensitizing.

Can I use Botanic-A with retinol?

Yes, our formula plays well with retinol, as well as other targeted treatments.

Have more questions? Contact us here.

Ingredients + Routine


Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Squalane (plant-derived)**, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Seed Oil*, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil*, Bakuchiol**, Bisabolol**, Astaxanthin**, Tocopherol (Vitamin E derived from non-GMO sunflower seeds)**.

**Naturally Derived

How To Use

Use morning and evening. Apply 1 pump to freshly cleansed skin, after water-based products and before creams and balms. Formula fully absorbs after a few minutes, revealing skin that’s silky soft to the touch. Provides all day moisture, eliminating the need for an additional moisturizer.


Apply to damp skin, preferably after applying our hydrating toner. Use any excess serum on neck and chest.


We pride ourselves on sourcing superior quality ingredients. Our fresh, skin-compatible botanical oils provide the purest form of moisture, eliminating the need for synthetic creams and lotions. Our oils are not refined or manipulated to remove scent or color. Instead, we choose to work with botanical oils in their purest form as that yields greater nutrient and antioxidant content — resulting in more benefits for your skin.


Free from added fragrance, perfume and essential oils. Botanic-A has a naturally occurring, light aroma with a hint of sweet, complex fruitiness, thanks to our super fresh botanical extracts.

Optimal Freshness Recommendation

We encourage you to use your product within 6 months of opening for optimal freshness and potency. However, when stored under best conditions (away from light, heat and moisture) our products can be safely used for up to a year after opening.

Product Update Disclaimer

For the most up-to-date product information please refer to our website.

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34 reviews for Botanic-A

  1. Chelsea R

    I’m truly amazed by how incredibly smooth, tight and soft my skin feels after just a couple weeks of using Botanic-A. I highly recommended it to everyone looking for something gentle, effective and moisturizing.

  2. Taylor

    Love it !

  3. Collete

    I’m in my mid 50s and used to be an avid retinol user. Unfortunately, due to medical issues I’ve been unable to use retinol for the past few years. So when I heard about bakuchiol, i was very excited to try. It’s been a few months and I’m already seeing a positive difference in my skin. The fine lines around my eyes are slowly becoming less noticeable and my skin feels incredibly soft and smooth. These results make me really excited to see how my skin changes as time goes on. I will definitely be repurchasing this along with your fabulous arctic vitamin C serum. Thank you for making gentle products that work!

  4. Valerie Mettler

    Amazing serum that has made a difference in my skin. Thank you Root Science for making serums that work with sensitive skin!

  5. Uma P.

    A lovely addition to my evening routine. Every-time I use this serum I wake up to skin that’s extra soft and plump. Highly recommend!

  6. Kelly Rodgers

    I have struggled with hormonal acne for years. I’ve searched high and low for a product to help my very dry and sensitive skin. I’ve tried giving tretinoin and retinol a chance, but after years of failed attempts, bakuchiol seems to be exactly what my extra sensitive skin was needing. This product has changed my skin slowly but surely. I’ve started breaking out less, and marks from old breakouts fade quicker than before. Overall my skin looks great and I couldn’t be happier!

  7. Elizabeth C.

    I suffer from: dry, sensitive, acne prone skin and I was looking for something gentle yet strong enough to help my skin issues and eliminate my wrinkles. This serum delivers! My esthetician even commented on how great my skin looks. I can’t say enough good things!

  8. Anna Hoffman

    A really lovely serum that i find myself excited to use, especially during this harsh New York winter! My 68 year old mother turned me onto this product, and this is the best her skin has looked in years! Excited to see how things turn out for me.

  9. Justin

    Works great for face and beard! Highly recommend!

  10. Winnie

    I have been using it for more than a year. This is the best blended oil I have ever used. It moisturizes and does not trigger any kind of allergy that I usually have to many skincare products. I have recommended it to several friends already.

  11. Olive

    I’ve been using this in conjunction with your detox mask and my skin is the best it’s ever been! My skin is oily with enlarged pores and blemish prone (lucky me) and these two products have made a world of a difference! At first I was skeptical but after a month of consistent use I could totally see the difference. On the advice of the customer service rep who was a doll, I took a before and after to keep track of my progress. I am truly blown away! Never want to be without these two miracle products!

  12. Stefano Gallese Garnier

    I love this product. I’ve been using this product for a few months now. A great alternative to Retinol. It leaves my skin looking incredible and feeling healthy. Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily feeling. Truly reduces the appearance of pores and blemishes. I can honestly say this is my favorite skincare brand, I love the brand and everything behind it.

  13. Jen F.

    Love the way my skin feels the next morning, its incredibly soft and my fine lines are less noticeable, Another stellar product by a company I absolutely love!

  14. Kristen

    After a few months of use, I have to say this is an awesome product! The perfect last step to my night time routine. Raspberry scent is pleasant and faint. Wonderful texture and compliments the other products in my routine exceptionally well!! My skin is looks plumped in refreshed after using typical retinol products and this produced exactly that effect! Well done, Root Science.

  15. Michele Schultz

    Hello Root Science team!
    What a nice touch to send along additional tips on how to maximize my products. Who does that!?
    I am loving the face mask, detox, Arctic-C, Botanica-A and soap. Being a health care provider, means I always scrutinize the claims made with ‘natural’ products…however, I want to share that my blemishes are down, hyperpigmentation is fading and I genuinely love the soft glow I get. I thought being an oil base, would be heavy or wouldn’t work the way my traditional products have, but I was pleasantly surprised Its also great that the containers come in a convenient travel size, which makes them easy to travel with.
    So, just wanted to say thank you!

  16. Monica Bowman

    I was terrified to use this product on my hyper-sensitive, reactive, damaged skin. After succes with the Bare serum, but wanting to tackle a wrinkle on my forehead and strengthen my skin, I bit the bullet and bought this serum. After about a month and a half of use I am already seeing my skin become firmer, the wrinkle is lessening on my forehead and around my mouth, my skin is plump and has become so so so much stronger. After damage from over cleansing, chemicals, and constant reactions, my skin has almost completely healed. I have experienced no irritation from this serum and love the way my skin feels in the morning. I use this only at night for two days, with a rest day between. Again, I cannot recommend this brand enough. It has improved my self esteem and mental health and done things for my skn no doctor could. Its female owned, made with care and so much research, and if you read through the story of her younger sister, I was pretty much in the same boat. BUY BUY BUY their products.

  17. Abigail S.

    I’m in my 40’s and I have a very extensive skin care routine that I follow 6 days a week. I wanted a gentle yet effective product for the one day that I give my skin a bit of rest from some of the more intensive treatments I use. I’ve been using this at night and I wake up to the most beautiful, soft, calm skin. This product is honestly one of the best gentle treatments I’ve tried in the many years I’ve been a beauty addict.

  18. Loraine S.

    I purchased this treatment along with your vitamin c and I would be remiss not to share the impact these two have had on my skin. When I began using these my skin was a mess from using too many actives, so I eliminated all products from my routine except my sunscreen. After a month or so, my skin was back to normal and better than its ever been. Thank you root science for making products that work wonders!

  19. Paula

    On my 4th bottle and I absolutely love this serum! It keeps my skin healthy, plus it feels luxurious and smells amazing!

  20. Heather

    A luxurious serum that is moisture rich and nourishing. I used this product faithfully for an entire summer morning and evening. My skin was bright, clear and glowing. I did not notice results in terms of combating fine lines and in fact my fine lines became more pronounced by the end of the summer. Perhaps this is due to stress, lack of sleep and age. I am a mom in my late 30’s with 3 young children. Just in the last year or two I have noticed fine lines on my forehead. I was hoping this product would help reduce the wrinkles without using a retinol. For almost 5 years l have been using the top natural skincare products that many call the “holy grail” but wanted something that would work like a retinol. This product is lovely, but unfortunately I did not see major results.

  21. Lydia R.

    I absolutely love this product and the results speak for themselves. I stumble upon your serum after finding out that the product I was using (herbivore botanicals bakuchiol) did not contain any bakuchiol, which was very disappointing to say the least. I’ve used your serum religiously for the past 3 months and my skin looks amazing! Thank you for creating an honest and effective product!

  22. Amber S.

    I’m currently using this and Arctic-C for sun damage and slowly but surely I’m starting to see improvements. I use this at night as my last step and wake up with the best skin ever! You can really feel the quality of this serum, it sinks in quickly and leaves skin feeling super soft. Living on the west coast, the biggest plus is that it doesn’t make my skin sensitive to the sun, which was my main reason for switching over to Bakuchiol in the summertime.

  23. Patrick R.

    I’m on my second bottle now and I really love the results from this product. I have sensitivite skin that easily breaks out and this serum has kept my skin clear and smooth. I highly recommend and will definitely repurchase! Thank you. Patrick

  24. Olivia

    My skin is too sensitive for retinol so when i found this product I was really excited to try it. So far my skin is loving it!

  25. Hannah

    Amazing product! I love the way my skin looks and feels when I apply this. It gives me the glow and softness I was looking for and overall my skin just looks better. I also love using this under makeup as it gives me the perfect dewey look.

  26. thoggarth-2062

    I was concerned about the natural retinol, as I have sensitive skin and rosacea. BOTANIC-A was no more irritating than the RESTORE SERUM. I have now switched to BOTANIC-A for night and BARE SERUM for day use and my skin has reduced breakouts and has never looked better. I also highly recommend the soap, so mild and lasts forever.

  27. Ann Marie Riggs

    Absolutely love this formula. I have seen amazing changes with the dark spots and fine lines.

  28. Patricia V.

    I suffer from chronically dry skin and this has helped to reduce flakiness and smooth out some deep lines on my forehead. I’m very impressed with everything I’ve tried from root science so far!

  29. Michelle S.

    It’s been 3 months since I began this treatment and I’m really impressed with the results. My skin is on the sensitive side but this has not caused any reaction or irritation, like some other active treatments I’ve tried. I have noticed improvements in my skin. it just looks better and feels incredibly soft and smooth. I’m really excited to see the difference another few months will make. Will definitely repurchase.

  30. Sheila

    I’ve been using this for a few months now and wanted to let your team know how incredible this product is. I’ve tried numerous retinol products over the years and unfortunately my sensitive skin is not able to tolerate it. However, at 55 years young my skin is in need of products that do the “heavy lifting” so to speak and this product delivers. My wrinkles are less noticeable and my skin overall has a healthy glow. I’ve had numerous people ask me if I got something done!

  31. Summer

    It is active for an oil, which is nice. Leaves the skin a touch red after application, but it quickly calms. I’ve been using it almost a month and unfortunately I have had break outs (large puss filled type pimples) for the first time in years. I was told it is noncomedogenic, but I’m not so sure.

    Update 11/27/19: This is a follow up review. I continued to use the product and my face actually ended up clearing up nicely and the texture seems to have improved quite a bit. I think it was a case of “purging.” I really do think this is working out for me and I will repurchase.

    • Root Science

      Hi Summer,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! We’re so sorry your skin didn’t respond well to the formula. It sounds like you may have a sensitivity to one of the ingredients. Our formula is made with gentle ingredients known to be non-pore clogging or noncomedogenic, however, as everyone’s skin is unique, so is the way it responds to a particular formula. We know that no matter how gentle or noncomedogenic our formula is, there is always the chance that there may be a few people whose skin will not agree with it. We’ve gone ahead and sent you an email to learn more about your experience.

  32. Megs

    I have tried a lot of products. Promises of clean beauty that feels like green washing. Everything about your products has impressed me!

    I have sensitive skin and rosacea. I was a little worried about the Botanic-A that it might irritate me. But it’s been fantastic. I used it with the Restore serum last night, and when I woke up this morning I was really impressed at my skin. Your products gave me the skin texture and complexion I have sought from other brands and been disappointed by. Thanks for being the real deal.

  33. ava

    pure magic

  34. Jessica S.

    Finally, a clean retinol alternative that delivers results! Its been a total game-changer for my skin and simplified my routine! Its never looked this good, its clear, smooth and more even-toned than ever before. Plus it feels and smells heavenly, love!